Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Literacy in action

One of my Minneapolis Kids boys is an eight-year-old reading at an eighth grade reading level. Talk about literacy in action! I did my whole project this summer on this topic, and one of my classmates, a teacher in Prior Lake, MN, did as well. She works with gifted students in reading and was talking about just this example. Trying to find appropriate topics in books for gifted students that read way above their grade level but still want to be challenged and entertained. I'm going to give this boy the LAWN BOY book tomorrow, and see what he has to say about it. He loves reading, and has already whizzed through the Percy Jackson series and Harry Potter books. Fantasy is his thing, but he recently asked me for ideas because he is finished with all of his other books. I was at a loss today, but then remembered that I have a growing list of "boy books" at home. We'll see how the conversation goes tomorrow! Yay for putting research into practice. (This is the older brother of Lucy--of "no one is going to love you if you have sand in your shoes" fame.") Oh how I love this family!
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