Saturday, April 17, 2010

Morgan Spurlock, You Are a Genious

I stumbled upon the mockumentary CHALK tonight after first thinking it was going to be some cheesy first-year teacher story. In fact, for the first hour I did think it was one of those things. Little things throughout the movie kept telling me that this can't be real. But my experience with teaching and people in schools, both students and adults, told me it could be. I told my roommate at the end that it was a fantastic documentary after I had finished watching it. I feel a little stupid, and a little duped, but it's only because CHALK hits a little TOO close to home to be comfortable. Everything you aren't supposed to say out loud in school, to your administration, to your parents, to your students, this one says it. And at first I thought it was honest. I've thought almost every issue that arose during the film. Yes, anyone that has ever tried their hand at teaching or wants to should see this. You won't be disappointed.
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