Thursday, July 25, 2013

Got an interesting phone call at 5 today

And it was from my graduate advisor, the one who got me into the program at OSU. She was desperate for another staffer to teach some block III undergrads in ECE. So you are reading the blog of the new graduate assistant teacher of the reading assessment course for the ECE block. I'm updating my resume as we speak, but this will add another 10 hours of GTA stuff to my load and will give me another three hours of credit comped, that I don't have to pay for. My mind is racing now for all I have to teach future teachers. All the wisdom I have to impart to them about teaching in the first years. I do have my reading license after all. I did spend three years of my life assessing fourth and fifth graders reading comprehension and fluency skills. I did spend I year of my life teaching reading in English to speakers of Korean on the Kindergarten level. I can do this. I am excited. I am also looking forward to my upcoming road trip with C. I am sad to leave him for the months up to Thanksgiving, but I look forward to the week of road tripping to his brother's home in Indiana and I think we're going to hit up Mammoth Cave in Kentucky along the way. He's going to help me get settled in Stillwater and then it will be ready, set, work work work until the semester's over. I'm ready. I think.
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