Tuesday, July 16, 2013

This is what happens when I have free time.

What do I do? I make collaged wine bottles. Want one? They're pretty snazzy. Get one while they last. They may not be gems, but I have fun doing it, and it keeps my mind of the crazy that's about to come my way. Very anxious about this move and drive, even though I should be because C is coming with me and we're going to make an awesome drive and road trip out of it, even visiting his brother going out of out way to southern Indiana for a bit. But I digress. This is all one bottle, I have many more to do, but I won't give you a number because that would indicate how much of an alcoholic I have become, Just Kidding. These were all pictures from magazines I have saved over the years (see mom, I'm not a total packrat/hoarder!) and some mod podge and gloss finish.

What crafty endeavors have my blog readers gotten into this month/year? Comment with pictures! :)
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