Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Contest within a Contest entry

I'm happy to announce my second Perfect Fifths entry on this blog in a row. As I've mentioned before, I can't do a video, that's why I post the genius winning ones, like the one in the previous entry (from Georgia no less!) and this one:

As long as I'm on a posting roll, I post the final winning video here:

These folks have gotten and advance copy of Perfect Fifths, so I want my chance, naturally. The final story in the saga goes on sale April 14, but is available from places like Amazon.com for pre-order NOW! I'm doing this shamelessly, and only judging myself a little.

Go to Megan McCafferty's website and link to what she tells you to for a chance to win your own copy. Contest details are here.

Good Luck!
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