Monday, February 16, 2009

I seem to be posting weekly now

For no good reason at all...of course I could use the guise that I've been insanely busy trying to be the best I can be at work and at school, as well as at home, but really, I just haven't made the time for blogging. I'm not even quite sure where blogging fits into my life anymore. I've been watching movies for fun, not sitting down at the computer. I've been working out to relieve stress, not sitting down at the computer. Eventually, I would like to return to blogging and writing in general, but until then, until an inspiration hits, you lovely readers will have to deal with this mess of a blog to read. Random musings and quizzes and movie reviews when I feel like it. I did choose a new template, which I seem to do every month or so. I'm going to leave you now and go get some actual papers written and decide which assessments I am going to give for my case study this week. Oh, and probably do some reading in there. Feel free to leave comments on what you would like to see in this space, or just tell me to give it up, now! Happy Monday, and Happy Presidents Day. Enjoy the day off work, those who get one. And enjoy the day at work, those that are there.
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