Sunday, February 16, 2014

It is a time to celebrate

It may not seem large to someone else, but to me --- its a big deal. I have made it six weeks into my semester. 12 to go. This is how I handle things now. It was moving so slowly, and when I came to this realization early tonight I almost screamed and wrote a big note with a happy face in my planner. I have no tests this week (and after three last week this seems like a big deal) so I can focus on breathing and catching up on things that were meant to be done two weeks ago. My research job is going well and I am learning so much. I have been given so much responsibility which makes me feel good because I know I can do it and continue to learn and grow. The test that I thought I bombed turned out to be a 92. It's not a hard life, only a few hard days. And in the grand scheme of things, everything will work out just fine. Now keep reminding me that so on the bad days I can come back and read this post and learn how awesome I was. What made me be in such a positive mood all of a sudden? I think it has to be the kittens I visited today. I am going to start visiting kittens at the rescue center down the street from me weekly. It will help with my mood tremendously. And I must go because I have clinic at 8:30. Ciao and good night.
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