Monday, February 10, 2014

Today I learned ---- It's OK to do contract work part time.....

But if you try and make it your full time only gig, you as an SLP get screwed....

Had a guest speaker recent graduate from the master's program come talk to our class today, and she just finished her CFY (Clinical Fellow Year --- first year out where you are supervised but still collecting a pay check) at an agency doing contract work for day care centers and families.

She has to do ALL HER OWN BILLING! (And if she does an evaluation and the kid doesn't qualify, she doesn't get paid for that hour, sometimes 2 hours!) I see now why people do this as a part-time after hours gig in addition to their job where they are collecting insurance and have someone that is paid to bill and talk to insurance companies. She said she loved the work, but she is young (23, not married with no kids) and has all the free time in the world, apparently.) I can't imagine how long people do this type of work before they BURN OUT. Just something to think about.

Here are the notes I took.

Dynamic Speech Group
Farah Cox  (405) 226-4911

Non-verbal/Severe population
Billing and reimbursement
Contract work
SLP does all of this herself

Low SES population
Very good people
Hispanic/language barriers
Google translate—translate letters
Caseload of 30 at a time
Sooner care has been approving kids for twice a week
Piedmont, Bethany, Oklahoma City, and Edmond…drive a lot
Homes and daycares
Evaluation contact high
Child doesn’t qualify – no payment

Establish rapport – build trust with people and daycares
Turned off the fact that you want to help
Very rewarding once you get past little things

How do you qualify a child for services?
1. Parent Consent – forms look different everywhere
Name, physician name and phone number – child must go to doctor and the parent must say that speech and language is a concern
Sooner care will deny a submission if the SLP dates for the parent

2. Screening
PLS 5 on an iPad – for a 3 year old
Screening summary
Meet parents

3. Parent note for the Doctor
Sooner Care will deny a “speech-language delay.”
They want more specific information.

4. Permission to Evaluate
Do an evaluate
Write up evaluation
IEP must be submitted
List of 8 items that you must have in order to bill for service

5. Documentation
SOAP Format

6. Milan Medical – Software used for Billing
How long you saw them
Can audit at any time
Billing and invoices are due Monday morning

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