Saturday, January 23, 2010

This is why January is not my month

Do you see what's happening in either of these photos? The snow that has been on the ground for three months already has started to melt. Only, it can't melt all the way because it doesn't get warm enough when the sun goes down. So the slush, for lack of better word, does what all slush knows how to do in below freezing temperatures. IT REFREEZES, causing an even bigger mess that was there before. Thank you slush, for wrecking havoc on my mental health, and that of my tires. I'm so ready for winter to be over.

Today, it happens to be raining. Yes, you heard me right. RAINING in JANUARY in MINNESOTA. It's gross. It sounds like a day to curl up with my laptop, a cup of tea, and NPR. Car Talk is on, as is This American Life, and that cooking show that I sometimes listen to. Oh, and I forgot my favorite, WAIT WAIT DON'T TELL ME!

Also, don't get me started on the HOPE FOR HAITI benefit telethon concert last night. My general feeling is this. If you celebrities care so much about Haiti, you are LOADED and can do something about it directly rather than gather together and sing a song for more recognition and fame you don't need. Yes, I understand that you are trying to gather money for a great cause. But really? You just want more screen time. You are all such hams. Why don't you go down there, and offer a hand yourself? I certainly would if finances allowed me to do that right now. But I guess not everyone is like that. Just my two cents. Also, the musical performances weren't that great. There, I said it.

Again, so ready for winter to be over. This week has been harder on me than any other because I've been sick, and have not left the house in four days, minus a few trips to the drug store for a re-stock of essential sickness supplies. I'm still draining fluid, but hopefully I will be back at work and resume all other activities on Monday. I registered for a few dance classes through community education this winter to break up the monotony, and I applied to Girl Scout camp up here. I had a phone interview this week and despite being ill, I still managed to be invited for a second interview. In the spirit of ending all posts on a positive note, I think I will sign off now. Feel free to comment, as always. Off to try to write some poetry for the OTHER BLOG.
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