Friday, January 1, 2010

I'm treating 2010 like any other year

Is that so wrong?

Every time I get big and lofty about my goals and ambitions for the New Year, I end up disappointing myself. So my goal for the new year is not to disappoint myself. I will set mild ambitions and try not to beat myself up when I don't come through. I am going to be gentler on myself this year. That will be the loftiest goal of all. That being said, I do have some more concrete goals to accomplish, but I am not saying them on a public forum just yet. Right, now, I'm going to work on getting a blog post up every day during the month of January. That should be goal enough, and yes, this one counts as the first one for the first year.

That is it.

Not exciting enough for you? That's great, because I'm all about pleasing me, not you. What are some goals that you have for the new year/decade? 2010 going to be your year? Why or why not?
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