Sunday, December 2, 2007

All I want for Christmas...

Is for my car to be magically dug out of the snow itself. Or to get out of this fabulous state of Minnesota. Either one will work. I seriously just did my first snow shoveling of the winter (of my life, really) and wow! What a workout. And I didn't even shovel the sidewalks. I just shoveled my poor car out of the snow on the street so that I could go grocery shopping and not starve this week. And my wheels still ended up spinning and spinning and spinning. I do feel like I know the true definition of the phrase "I'm just spinning my wheels." Oh, which is another idiom I can take to Ms. P's fifth graders. They'll eat it up, which, consequently, is another figure of speech. I can't escape them. And unfortunately, I can't escape the snow or Minnesota. Pictures to come.
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