Monday, December 24, 2007

I do this to myself EVERY year

Why? I don't look good enough/dress trendy enough/and I'm not thin enough, who's going to love me now? I don't have a cool job and I don't live in a cool place so who really wants to be around me. Merry Christmas...bah humbug...happy Christmas Eve. Is it bad that I just want to get this whole Christmas Eve extended family thing over with? I know what every one is thinking...I wish they'd just have the balls to come out and say it and forget this whole charade ever existed. No, I'm not married or close to it. No, I don't want babies anytime soon. No, I'm not my high school weight, but yes, I actually am eating now, so go screw something. No, I don't know what I'm doing next year and yes, I want to move far far away (like, across the globe) until I'm 40 and don't actually have to put up with this crap anymore. Is life after college supposed to be this rough? Or am I making it more so?
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