Friday, February 22, 2008

Another of my journal posts from earlier in the service year

August 15, 2007

Another day of training, I tell you I will be happy when I start working in the school. I had a really good conversation with M when we did our “walk around the lake” but then she started with her lawsuit tirade against the school district and would not shut up and if this goes on for much longer I will have no choice but to put an end to it. She could potentially be a great person to work with, but who knows. She could also be very dramatic as well. I also had a good lunch conversation as well with Sarah, the new program coordinator and two-year City of Lakes alum. She’s a really nice person.

This evening I drove around and got lost but had a good time doing it and then came home and Chanda had her friends over and so when I finished talking to people at home and the grandmother I ventured downstairs for a glass of milk (after having a little too much wine) and ended up having the nicest conversation with Chanda and Raul and her friend while watching Maya’s favorite: The Land Before Time.

I’m really getting a great feeling about this year. These are awesome people and I think this year is going to go very well. I have to remember to keep my eyes out for the job front and call Leigh-Ann back, because she did return my call. Horray for people I know and love. And horray for people I don’t know but feel like I can love in the future!
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