Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Which means I'm home early and ready to go to my acting class to stretch myself above and beyond my personal limits for the day. I've got my monologue almost memorized and I'll be ready to perform it for the first time for critique today. I might even be brave and volunteer to go first today. (I've gone last every other day.)

Wednesday also means I have to have something ready to share by tomorrow for my writing class on Thursday. Oh this will be very good for me and my writing. I don't quite know why I am sharing this with you readers now, I just know that I haven't posted in a while and needed to post some more. Never mind that it is absolute junk.

And I'm off. I'll leave you with some links before I go. Here is the monologue I plan to perform for the rest of class. And here is the movie it comes from. Totally sweet and quirky, and I love that I get to do a Janeane Garofolo character too!
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