Sunday, February 17, 2008

More of my ramblings

There is nothing quite like the feeling of working in a school and being single. No, I’ll amend that statement. There is nothing quite like moving from over a thousand miles away to work in a school on a National Service stipend as a single woman over the age of 25. It gets much, much better. I have a teaching degree and I’ve been out of school for over three years. I absolutely love the judge-mental stares I get when I tell people that no, I didn’t move here to follow a guy and it didn’t work out. I just came up here, to Minnesota, on my own. It would almost be better if I did follow a guy up here and get dumped on the spot. I’d get more sympathy that way.
Not that I’m looking for sympathy at all. It was my decision to move to Minneapolis, Minnesota, and I’m sticking to it. Below zero temperatures and all, I wanted the experience of the north Midwest metropolis for at least a year and I sure as hell got it. It doesn’t matter that I spend most of my weekends alone. Contemplating what got me into this mess. Some people choose school, others romantic relationships. I choose the relationship I have with myself, and with the country.
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