Friday, February 22, 2008


I thought you looked familiar. You are the girl from second period English with Mr. Faulkner, aren’t you? You are the girl from the cross-country team aren’t you? Yes, I was all of those things, I thought to myself, but I was never quite ready to admit them to just anyone. Sure I did this, and sure I did that, but don’t they know that was only to keep myself busy? For the few meaningless hours I was at school? So I remember being the kid who busily buried her nose in the nearest book when I saw a teacher coming, just to keep from having to make small talk. Small talk was so, well, small.

I could hear the click of her high heels a mile away, and so could her students. All across the Ordway this morning there are teachers everywhere secretly praying parents dropped low-dose sedatives in their child’s cornflakes. Not a lot, but just enough to keep the little squirmy angels from doing major damage to their delicate reputations, not to mention the reputation of the school.
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