Saturday, February 2, 2008

Opportunity Knocking

My friend that lives in New York, D, called to tell me that she might have the opportunity to travel to India for work this summer. Naturally, I congratulated her and wished her well. But then she said that she needs someone to sublet her apartment on the down low, which would mean house sitting, essentially, and babysitting her cat Lucy. All of this, she said, would be free for three months (June-August). Hello? Opportunity of a life time anyone? I love New York! And, if I can stay there rent free for a few months and explore graduate programs and jobs in museums there while I get my act together and explore the city? Why the hell would I say NO? So I said yes, which means I have exactly six months to complete my national service assignment in this town and get the hell outta dodge. Not that I hate this town, its just that I don't know anyone here, and I'd have the love and support of two of my dearest friends in NY. Opportunity calling! Am I going to pick up the phone? You bet your ass I will.
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