Sunday, July 13, 2008

So my car was broken into again!

Yes, that's right, my car was broken into again, on the same street, with 3 months of the first break in. No, they didn't take anything this time. I discovered this break-in upon leaving my house on Sunday morning to get my oil changed. My driver's side door was ajar, and the glove compartment was open. Some contents of the glove compartment were strewn about the passenger seat. BUT, NOTHING WAS MISSING! Is this not weird? I realize the bastards were looking for something of value, but all I have to my name (in my glove compartment, anyway) are a couple of band-aids, some maps of Minneapolis, business envelopes, and my car's owner's manual. Some trash was in there too. I guess I got really lucky that no glass was broken and I don't have to go through those shinanigans again.

I am really pissed, and slightly paranoid. I mean, what if I did have something I didn't know about? Like a spare check register or a receipt with my credit card info or something? TWO TIMES in three months? What kind of neighborhood do I live in?

As the technician at Valvoline said, (yes I told him because, yes, he's the first person I saw since I discovered it happened, and yes, I live alone...don't rub it in) "It's not a violent neighborhood, just a greedy one" (he also lives near Powderhorn Park, as I discovered in my conversation with he was checking my brake fluid...) "Petty crimes are abundant" he says of the neighborhood. Yes, I suppose everyone is just after a dollar, but what happened to doing it the old-fashioned way? WORKING?

Also, upon telling ABBY this over lunch at Common Roots today, her first remark was, "You know this wouldn't happen if you actually had a social life and went out on Friday and Saturday nights!" OK, I KNOW I am a social hermit. But I've been one for years and it's not likely to change. I like being a hermit, and there is no reason criminals should pick on me just because I choose to stay home. So there.

And, the neighbors are having a party. They are very loud and drunk in their backyard. I want to close my window, but I know I will be hot
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