Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Soundtrack of My Life, Part I

1. Love Song For No One
John Mayer
Room for Squares

Favorite line: "Could have met you in the sandbox/Could have met you on a sidewalk." I swear this is my life. I seem to miss opportunities for no good reason at all.

2. Even Though

Farah Alvin
I Love You Because (A Modern Day Musical Love Story)

Favorite line: "Even though I know your way of life is different/even though there's not a single thing we share...even though you're not like anyone I know/you take me to a place I didn't even know was there..."

OK, cheesy, I realize. But I can't help think of that someone IS out there, if only for a day. Hell, I'll settle for an HOUR at this point...

3. The Heart of the Matter
Sex and the City (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

A really great song from a really good movie.

4. Climbing Uphill

The Last 5 Years
The Last 5 Years

Right now, The way my career is going, I might as well be climbing uphill with molasses stuck to the bottom of my boots and a back pack full of bricks. I feel like Kathy describing her acting career comparing herself with the perky bimbos she faces as competition for work in this quirky musical about a failed marriage.

Favorite line:

"I am a good person/I am an attractive person/I am a talented person/Grant me grace..."

5. Auld Lang Syne

Mairi Campbell & Dave Francis
Sex and the City (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

There's a really touching scene in SATC the movie where Carrie runs to Miranda's home when either of them have no one to spend NYE with. My number one rule in life is similar to the FAB FOUR's: Girlfriends are the core of my very being, and since I have no biological sisters, my girlfriends are the closest thing to them. I would do anything for them, and this moving rendition of the NYE classic.

6. Belief

John Mayer
The Village Sessions

You have to believe in something, right?

7. Take Me Back to New Orleans

Cowboy Mouth
Take Me Back to New Orleans

I can't listen to this without tears. I think about my time in the Corps and the work we, Silver 7, did in the Gulf last year.

8. Alone
Courtney Balan, Farah Alvin & Jordan Leeds
I Love You Because (A Modern Day Musical Love Story)

I was destined to be ALONE for the rest of my life and I am almost happier that way. Enough said.

I love music and there is no song that can't lift my spirits when I am in a bad mood. (Excluding anything thing by Brittany Spears or family.) This is a draft edition of part I of the Soundtrack of My Life. I'm working on finding more songs and more descriptions of why they represent my current chapter of my life. What do you think? Comments welcome...
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