Thursday, January 8, 2009

Detox, Day 1

So the roommates and I, in an attempt to clean out our internals from all of that holiday eating and merriment, have decided to embark on a detox of sorts for a week to see how it goes. Fruits and Veggies, and needed supplements for functioning. I'm also detoxing from caffeine and alcohol for a week, so we shall see how that goes.

Day One, so far:

Glass of filtered water

Breakfast: Delightful smoothie made from just about every piece of fruit in our fridge. (blueberries, cranberries (frozen), kiwi, and flaxseed)

Snack: Banana, Tangerine (about an hour apart)

Lunch: Grapefruit

Snack: Cup of camomille tea

Dinner: Steamed vegetables (kale, brocolli, carrots, cabbage, spinach) and a little bit of overly spicy cabbage and beet soup prepared with way too much cayenne pepper and garlic earlier this week. Five glasses of filtered water and a cup of peach detox yogi brand tea.

So far, no serious symptoms or withdrawls. We'll see how this goes folks. We really do need a better way to prepare veggies, but we can't use oil or salt, so they were rather bland.

I'm looking forward to another smoothie tomorrow, maybe a pear/parsley/kiwi combo that comes recommended. And I think I need to bring more fruit for lunch, or maybe cut it all and make a yummy fruit salad.

Later tonight I'll do my liver detox drops with filtered water and maybe another cup of tea. I really think too that I need to eat more in the morning, because I was hungry ALL day. Later in the week we can add miso soup and plain yogurt, so maybe that will help too. And I keep thinking about the quantity of the things I'm eating, but I can and should eat more of the fruit at lunch, becuase there isn't a limit on the allowed foods.

I'm going to try to post what I eat tomorrow as well as how I feel.

Stay tuned.
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