Sunday, January 11, 2009

Detox, Day 4

Today being Sunday, I found it difficult to continue with this silly little plan of eating. But alas, I did.

I woke up later, around 11pm, and had some Naked berry blend juice shortly afterward. Then, after working on the computer doing a mixture of writing/planning/prepping for the week ahead (ALC starts this week) and I had a letter to write, I found out that my roommate had made a lovely speghetti squash and tomato/tofu sauce that complimented my afternoon quite nicely. Good thing too because I was getting ready to gnaw through my fingers. This kept me quite full up until after my YOGA class, which was delightful.

I stopped by LUND's which I know I shouldn't stop by because it's the most expensive chain grocery store in the Twin Cities but it was closest to the bank and needed to pick up cash...long story short I ended up buying another Green Machine Naked Juice and a fruit cup. Such a convenient dinner. Haha. I sound like I true crazy person, no?

I also found some eggnog flavored herbal tea, caffiene free of course, that I might try later tonight.

I still want a piece of bread like its going out of style. I wonder if all this detox bit, other than making me excrete waste, is doing much good at all?

It is making me think about my eating habits, however. How much I reach for things to snack on when I'm not really hungry, what's there. What's a moderate snack or any restrictive diet will do. I wonder if it will make me binge on certain foods when it is all over, therefore defeating the purpose? Or if I will still keep the moderate attitude going after this is through and bring it to the foods we add back gradually. for thought? No pun intendend.
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