Saturday, January 10, 2009

Detox, Day 3 (so far)

...and a little of day 2

Day 2 ended with a yummy stir fry concoction in which we decided to add some olive oil in trace amounts to a pan of assorted veggies (mostly kale, spinach, carrots, tomatoes) and we also decided to add some brown rice because we were feeling very overloaded on citric acid and needed some grain to absorb it all. I tell you, the rice made my day.

I'm no on my third day of this silly little thing, and I can not tell you the difference it has made. I don't feel symptoms one way or the other, and I'd reather eat bread. And cheese. And yogurt.

Miso soup today was a nice change. salty seaweed concoction with TOFU! and salt! I feel better than yesterday, that's for sure!

Other things I've eaten today include two oranges, a spinach-parsley-kiwi-rice milk smoothie, lots of filtered water, and lots of baby carrots.

I need to drink more tea.

And I will be glad when this silly little detox is done. That's all. Four more days.

Oh, my bad. Die toxins die! Clean system! Eat it, toxins. go to hell.
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