Monday, January 12, 2009

Detox, Day 5

Over the hill, as they say. Really only two more days left to go for this. Not much longer now. Today was easier, I must say. I cut a pineapple up last night as I was making more miso soup. So this morning I put the pinapple and oranges into the blender and drank that and had miso soup and an orange for lunch. I didn't feel hungry until just now, when I had a bananna and some rice milk. I don't feel like I have more energy, but I do feel better from not putting crap into my body. I'm ready for a sandwich though. I'm ready for some fish. I think I may stop a day or two early, or at least make something more substantial in day 7. Not a big deal. I still question the effectiveness of what I'm doing now.
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