Wednesday, August 17, 2011

40 THINGS That Happened in the month of JULY

Mainly to convince myself that I really haven't been sitting on my ass the WHOLE time I've been back from Korea...

1. Scored a job at EnAble of GA.
2. Discovered Vista Yoga.
3. Lost 10 lbs since returning from Korea.
4. Reconnected with UUCA.
5. Registered for Sign Language @ GSU.
6. Met ladies of the Barrington house, at work. Amazing women.
7. Met Amy, my house lead at work. Amazing woman.
8. Met Gabe, other weekend SA. Another amazing woman.
9. Trained to work with dev. disabled adults, met wonderful staff at training.
10. Told Danielle I wasn't moving to Athens after all.
11. Had another therapy session with amazing woman I stumbled into by chance in Decatur.
12. Came to terms with being in therapy, and what that means.
13. Became slightly more comfortable with myself.
14. Saw Neil Patrick Harris in COMPANY!!!
15. Spent the weekend alone with mom, grandma, grandpa, and the island of CEDAR KEY.
16. Reconnected with Florida cousins and saw the springs.
17. Got my haircut and re-colored and met Beth.
18. Saw Larry Crowne (by myself.)
19. Finished Big Love season 3.
20. Finished Cheers, season 2.

Holy shit, I'm only at 20? I'm really not that interesting, am I?

21. Made miso soup (semi) successfully.
22. Watched Ashley on the Bachelorette get engaged, LOL, on
23. Listened as Mary Elizabeth told me she got engaged.
24. America got F@#$ed by the debt ceiling.
25. S. Korea flooded (monsoon season.)
26. Norway shot up by crazy dude.
27. U.S.A. lost women's world cup to Japan.
28. I discovered the joy of cupcakes.
29. Decided to start a budget. (Next month.)
30. Decided to stick to a budget. (Next month.)

I can't even come up with 30! Yikes.

31. Discovered Red Mango Frozen Yogurt. LOL. Awesome!
32. Found an amazing facial from Chastain Wellness Studio on
33. Grouponed it at Paint your own pottery studio THE POTTERY PLACE in Suburban Plaza.
34. Rediscovered Cowboy Mouth on the iPod.
35. Rediscovered Billy Joel on the iPod.
36. Discovered new podcasts on iTunes. Shoot me a comment if you're interested in more details.
37. Declared my love for City of Lakes Americorps' new website, launched this month.

(Woo hoo! Almost done!)

38. Discovered BOOK OF MORMON and soundtrack and still can't tell if I love it or hate it. (But listen compulsively.)
39. Saw SPAMALOT. I think that was either late June or early July. Can't remember.
40. Vowed to journal more next month.

That felt good. Done.

Clearly the month of me. July. Good month. Must be more social next month.
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