Friday, August 12, 2011

Flashback Friday

I was reminded to flashback to 2002 by a Face book friend yesterday and so I thought I'd play along. This one's for you, @Kristin Nemechek aka Wish!

April 22, 2002

Happy Earth Day!!! Well...One more week of classes left and too much to do! while I'm excited about te one week thing, I'm not excited about eh 3 tests, a paper, and a time line project due within the course of a week. The people in my room (Brian, Alisha, Emily) have a sick twisted sense of humor and I don't like it. Oh well. I worked all day today (between classes and meetings) before finally collapsing on the floor at ~ 9. Then there was no more work after hat, a person can only do so much in a day ya' know....and tomorrow is another day! Going to go to Barnes and Noble after my 8 am and The View (no math at 11 am today) and read my ass off..cause I have shit loads of reading to get done. First priority is CHFD 2950 (child development) cause that test is first on Thursday @ 8am. After that, it would be on to Math 1060 cause that is next on Thursday (11 am) and if I'm in the mood, what the hell, I might as well add CHFD 2100 to the reading schedule too, cause lord knows I have to read that test on Friday 4/29/02/. Yuck.

Then on to Thursday of this week, when I can breathe again after half of my shit is over, I will attempt to begin my paper for Foundations of Education class. And then there's the time line-- easy yet time-consuming. That will be weekend's work. That and paper. Yuck. and 2100 test. Yuck. Then it's all over. And I pack half of my shit and take it home and study for my first two finals (Bio and 2100 at home cause' it's quieter, come back on Friday morning to take two finals on Fri. morning to take two finals on Friday afternoon, stay the weekend and study for other finals, take hem on Tuesday, pack rest of stuff and get out of here for good, for while. The day will be so beautiful!!! I can't wait!!!

I have to say that reading this is painful! 2002 was my sophomore year at UGA. I was helplessly engrossed in my studies. School helped hide the pain I was in when dealing with the world. I engrossed myself in my studies, but didn't have much of a life going for myself. I hated UGA, but settled in and prepared for my major. It wasn't a happy year, but reading over my journal entries made me realize how far I've come. I realize know how sheltered I was and how far I've come socially. I never want to go back to Athens now that I realize this...I realize how painful that year really was. UGA may have granted me a degree, but I declared my freedom.

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